Inclusive Health Success Stories

Only through an Inclusive Health Lifestyle can you experience the ultimate connection between beauty, health and wellness. The transformation is real and remarkable, as these participants in our 12-week Youth Building program will tell you.

SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE of the Inclusive Health Transformation

100% satisfaction. As the chart to the left demonstrates, we have tracked the remarkable progress people have made in transforming their lives for the better through the power of Inclusive Health. What the charts can’t show is something even more impressive than mere data—it’s the fact that almost every person who has been touched by Inclusive Health has returned to Dr. Murad to share the stories of continuing success and life improvement. These people truly feel that he has helped them put their life on track for a happier, healthier future and they are all so appreciative of what Inclusive Health means to them, as life gets Better Every Day™! And that is 100% amazing.

My Inclusive Health Journey by Margarett Gaal

Before beginning this journey, I was headed down a negative, self-destructive road toward a life of obesity and other health issues. Inclusive Health put me on a positive, healthy path—and it’s a path that I intend to stay on for the rest of my life! Over the course of this program, my energy has skyrocketed, my stress level has dropped and my ability to concentrate has greatly improved. And as for getting in shape, the numbers don’t lie! In a matter of weeks I’ve lost a total of 17 pounds and 15 inches! My body fat decreased by 1.3%, while my muscle composition increased by 1.35%. When I started out, my MIHI was 63—and in just a matter of weeks it jumped to 83—proof that this program really works!

I’m so thankful for this truly transformative experience. With Dr. Murad’s proven program and all the tools I’ve gained along the way to guide me, I finally feel ready to make the rest of my life the best of my life, and for that I am grateful.

Program Testimonials

“ Thank you so much Dr. Murad and staff for helping me find the solution to 99% of my health issues, making me feel better, and helping me save lots of money on prescriptions, over-the-counter remedies and multiple physician fees. ” —Coreen (Corkie) Pettengell
“ My face feels and looks smoother and brighter. I’ve also started growing hair at my hairline where it is recessed. That’s pretty amazing. ” —Greg Hooper
“ After four weeks in the program I noticed a big difference in my menopausal symptoms, particularly the hot flashes. My sleep has progressively gotten better and after eight weeks I can report that I have restful sleep. Also, there has been a noticeable improvement in my anxiety and episodes of depression. ” —Patti Balian
“ During the [Inclusive Health] program I have noticed several major changes: Digestion has improved, my ulcers have stopped bothering me, energy level is higher, fewer headaches, definite skin improvement [and] a general sense of well-being. ” —Suzanne Consiglio