What Is Inclusive Health?

The Science of Youth Building

Only Inclusive Health takes you beyond the conventional limitations of medical treatment to give you a chance to heal every aspect of your body and spirit.

1 – Looking Better: targeted topical skincare for healthy beauty from the outside in

Skin’s Connection to Health
Skin is connected to, and ultimately provides a first line of defense for, every system in your body. The health of these systems is often reflected in the appearance of your skin—jaundice, for example, is reflective of impaired liver function. Good skin health is both visible and beautiful.

Protecting Skin
Your Topical Care should provide antioxidants to protect skin from free radical damage, anti-inflammatories to prevent inflammatory damage and hydrators to strengthen the barrier function of your skin. In addition, for daytime your skin needs the protection of a broad-spectrum sunscreen to avoid both immediate and long-term damage. All Murad Step 3 products for daytime include an appropriate level of sun protection.

Promoting Healthy Skin
Topical care should also create an ideal environment on the surface of your skin. General guidelines suggest Topical Care should include:

      1) Twice-daily cleansing to remove irritants and impurities
      2) Twice-daily treatment to address your specific skin needs
      3) Twice-daily hydration/protection
      4) Weekly exfoliation to remove excess dead skin cells and
      promote healthy cell turnover
      5) Professional facials every 7–10 weeks

2 –Living Better: focused nutrition for whole body health from the inside out

Building a Healthy Body
Careful choices of food and dietary supplements ensure that your body has the building blocks it needs to produce the strong, watertight cells necessary for optimal function of all systems in the body.

Protecting Cells
A diet rich in antioxidants helps protect all systems in your body from the ravages of free radicals. A diet rich in anti-inflammatories helps protect your body’s cells from inflammatory damage. A diet rich in hydrators helps cells attract water for optimal functionality.

Building Muscle
Since muscle cells hold more healthy water than fat cells, we improve overall hydration and health as we shift to a leaner cell balance.

3 – Feeling Better: strategies for managing stress

The constant and pervasive stress of modern living, a phenomenon I have identified as Cultural Stress®, is the enemy of health because it damages every system in your body by suppressing your immune system and over-stimulating your endocrine system—a combination that leads to a cascade of damaging free radicals.

When you acknowledge that you are worthy of being the star of your own life, you begin to expand your connections to the world and when you make time for self-care like a facial or professional massage, you are reducing the impact of Cultural Stress on every system in your body.