Inclusive Health® Programs

Each of our Inclusive Health Programs is supervised by an Inclusive Health Practitioner personally trained by Dr. Murad, who will custom tailor a program to meet your unique youth building goals. Your Practitioner will assess your lifestyle to determine your Living Age. Based upon that assessment, we’ll create a program that takes into account where you are on your journey and where you hope to go. Your program will include a Prescription for Health that outlines recommended treatments, exercises and education to support each of the three facets of Inclusive Health: Looking Better, Living Better, Feeling Better.

Special arrangements can also be made to have Dr. Murad personally guide your program.
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Key Inclusive Health Program Features:

  • Consultation and Coaching with your Inclusive Health Practitioner
  • Exclusive Treatments for Looking Better
  • Doctor’s Nutritional Recommendations for Living Better
  • Doctor’s Stress Busting Recommendations for Feeling Better
Consultations with Your Inclusive Health Practitioner
Your Inclusive Health Practitioner will be with you throughout your program to serve as a guide, mentor and information resource. In addition to meeting with you to provide support and answer questions during each of your visits, your Practitioner will start and end your program with an Inclusive Health Evaluation. Each evaluation will include a lifestyle assessment to measure changes in your Living Age.

Looking Better

Topical Treatments and Regimens
Based upon your initial Inclusive Health consultation, your Practitioner will recommend one of four levels of our Youth Building Treatments to provide you with topical care as part of your program. Because the three facets of Inclusive Health work synergistically, your topical treatments are integrated with recommendations to help you Live Better and Feel Better. In fact, part of your stress management coaching will actually take place during your procedures. In addition, these treatments provide you with the healing power of touch to restore your spirit and sense of well-being.

Living Better

Your Internal Daily Home Care Regimen
Your Practitioner will introduce you to a new way of thinking about what you eat that focuses on giving your body everything it needs to be strong, healthy and high functioning—characteristics that are the foundation of youthfulness. To help you Live Better, your program will also include:

  • Customized Murad supplements
  • A tutorial on using The Pitcher of Health to guide food choices
  • 20% off any Murad supplements or products during your Program

Feeling Better

Cultural Stress® Management Strategies
Learning to master Cultural Stress may be the most life-changing aspect of your Inclusive Health Program. That’s why it is the primary focus of your time with your Inclusive Health Practitioner. During the course of your program, your Inclusive Health Practitioner will:

  • Guide you through Dr. Murad’s “Insights”
  • Provide you with a copy of Dr. Murad’s book, The Water Secret, which provides in-depth guidance on each facet of Inclusive Health
  • Provide you with a copy of Creating a Healthy Life: The Art and Wisdom of Howard Murad, M.D.
  • Send you regular emails to help motivate you as you learn to live an Inclusive Health lifestyle (12 week program only)

Individual Services

Technoceutical® Peels | 30-45 min – $275
Customized peel, followed by a treatment mask and hydration. Our signature peel is formulated with Dr. Murad’s proprietary blend of active agents. Used to increase cellular turnover, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and reduce imperfections such as acne, mild scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Add additional areas to your peel:

  • Hands – $50
  • Hands and ½ arm – $100
  • Hands and full arms – $150
  • Feet – $75

Medical Acne Treatment | 45 min – $200
Treatment includes extractions, both manual and lancet, followed by hydration. This treatment is designed to treat acne, minimize enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of acne scars, reduce oil production and soothe inflamed skin.

Therapeutic Medical Treatments | 45 min – $200
Advanced targeted treatments are customized to help resolve
skin disorders leaving skin revitalized and hydrated. Treatment includes customized exfoliation, light extractions, condition specific treatment mask and concludes with hydration.

Treatments Options Include:

  • Environmental Shield® – Reduce environmental damage by increasing clarity, brightness and firmness.
  • Age Reform® – Reverse signs of aging with a youth building treatment to improve skin texture, tone and appearance.
  • Resurgence® – Restore a more youthful glow to hormonally imbalanced skin by increasing moisture, resilience and smoothness.
  • Redness Therapy® – Reduce redness and discomfort, relieve dryness and balance skin while strengthening skin’s barrier function.

Targeted Mask Therapies | 30 min – $100
Includes a customized targeted treatment mask followed by hydration. Supports resolution of skin concerns that do not yet require a Medical treatment. Also supports healing when used before or after a medical treatment.

Milia Extraction | 15 min – $60-$100
Treatment includes cleansing, lancet extraction and high frequency skin sterilization.

(Prices are subject to change without notice.)