Our Team

Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD

Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD is a board-certified dermatologist, pharmacist and Associate Clinical Professor
of Medicine at UCLA. As a leading authority in skin health, with a patient base of over 50,000, Dr. Murad
was instrumental in transforming the fields of skincare and dermatology to what they are today. An
industry pioneer, Dr. Murad holds 18 patents, with several more pending. He is credited as the first to
make esthetic products formulated with alpha hydroxy acids widely available and with many other innovations
in skin health. Through his research, he has identified cellular water loss as the underlying cause for all
health-and age-related conditions. In his Los Angeles–based research facility, in his medical practice and
in his Inclusive Health® Spa, the Cellular Water Principle® is the foundation of care. As an author, Dr. Murad
has four successful books: The Murad Method, Wrinkle-Free Forever, The Cellulite Solution and The Water Secret.

Paula Coyne, LVN

Paula Coyne, LVN, Inclusive Health Practitioner, is ranked among the top 1% internationally in the field
of medical esthetics. Her unique background coupled with her extensive medical esthetics expertise have
established her as one of the most highly regarded estheticians in the field.

Lori Cahitas—Manager, University for Inclusive Health/Inclusive Health Practitioner

Lori has worked closely with Dr. Murad since 1999, perfecting signature treatment experiences in the
areas of massage and esthetics, while serving as both Lead Esthetician and Service Manager for the
Murad Inclusive Health Spa® in Los Angeles. Recently, Lori was promoted to Manager of the
University for Inclusive Health in El Segundo, California, where she manages and coordinates each
phase of the Inclusive Health Practitioner Certification Course. An incredibly versatile technical
educator and service provider, Lori previously served as Manager of Esthetic Education. In that role,
she was responsible for creating all educational materials and delivering them to more than 2,500
professional accounts nationally, in addition to representing Murad at top industry conferences and
trade shows across the globe. As an Inclusive Health Practitioner, Lori has successfully guided
hundreds of people through a personal wellness journey, providing life-enhancing Inclusive Health®
programs and lifestyle prescriptions that comprehensively address an individual’s needs in topical
skincare, internal nutritional care and sense of self. Lori’s passion comes from sharing Dr. Murad’s
healing wisdom of Inclusive Health with as many people as possible.

Sigalit D. Ward, L.Ac

Sigalit received a doctorate in traditional Chinese medicine from Emperor’s College and received
her license from California’s Department of Consumer Affairs’ Acupuncture Board in 2001. She has
been in practice for over ten years, specializing in sports medicine, pain management, weight loss,
hormonal imbalance issues and menopause. Sigalit has been providing acupuncture to clients of
the Murad Inclusive Health Spa since 2009.

Dar Mallya, Certified Personal Trainer

Dar is a Certified Personal Trainer offering therapy modalities, including: strength and flexibility
training, balance and coordination, and aerobic conditioning. Because true wellness requires more
than just strength, Dar educates his clients about proper form and technique to prevent injury
while making it easier and safer to maintain health. Dar takes pride in continuing his education to
ensure that his clients have fun with new and exciting routines, and he believes in encouraging
lifestyle changes that can increase overall health. Dar has worked in the fitness industry for the
past 15 years and has a client base that ranges from teenagers to older adults. He has also been
active in developing relationships with occupational and physical therapists, often continuing to
work with patients to aid in their recovery process even after therapy has been completed.

Certified Personal Trainer, Certified TRX® Suspensions Trainer, Certified Body Rolling, Certified

Matt Rothert, Yoga Instructor

Matt moved to California in 2001 in search of his passion and discovered yoga. He began yoga
teacher training with renowned instructor Julie Radar, through the Mukti School of Yoga, and has
logged 500 hours with Julie to date. Matt began teaching yoga in 2009 and currently offers classes
and personal instruction in Vinyasa Flow and Yin Restorative yoga at The Green Yogi and Yoga Loft,
both in Manhattan Beach. He has been recognized as a Lululemon Ambassador, for his embodiment
of the yoga lifestyle and culture. In a unique cross-disciplinary program, Matt teaches yoga for
baseball to students at the Beach City Baseball Academy. Before embarking on his teaching career,
Matt received a B.A. in business and economics from Wheaton College and pursued a successful
professional career in the Midwest.