Day Spa Body Treatments

Not only is your skin your largest and most visible organ, it’s connected to every
other system in your body — so your skin’s health influences and reflects your overall health.
Getting one of our spa body treatments is the perfect way to care for your skin and feel your
best both physically and emotionally! Begin your Los Angeles spa treatment journey in
Manhattan Beach with Murad.

Firm and Tone Spa Body Treatment

Signature Spa Service

Reduce the signs of cellulite and stretch marks while increasing skin firmness and elasticity
with the most acclaimed results-oriented cellulite treatment in the world. Murad’s cellulite
treatment begins with a thorough exfoliation of problem areas, followed by a deep, highly
concentrated infusion of pure Vitamin C and a localized massage. A unique, scientifically
formulated recipe is then applied to minimize imperfections and nourish skin.

50 minutes | $115
Series of 8 | $920 includes homecare: Firm and Tone Serum, Body Firming Cream

Day Spa Custom Body Scrub

This full-body exfoliating scrub stimulates blood flow and exfoliates to unveil smooth,
glowing skin. Choose from sea salts for invigorating exfoliation or sugar crystals to reach
even the smallest pores. Relax as warm oil is massaged into your skin from the feet up.
Next, the invigorating, custom scrub is applied. The treatment ends with cascading warm
water that melts away tension. This scrub may be customized with aromatherapy of your
choice and is a great way to prepare for a massage service.

25 minutes | $65
50 minutes | $115

Day Spa Scalp Massage Services

Spa Treatments

Indulge, hydrate and soften your skin with
one of nature’s most ancient emollients.
Warm olive oil, infused with essential oils, is
lavishly applied to skin from head to toe. The
oils are massaged into the skin and scalp as
your massage therapist focuses on pressure
points to balance and restore energy.

50 minutes | $115

Day Spa Seaweed Detoxifying Wrap

First, a dry-glove exfoliation loosens dead skin cells and stimulates the lymphatic system.
Then heated seaweed is applied to the entire body and you are wrapped in a blanket to
encourage maximum purification. The treatment ends with a decadent foot or scalp
massage. This results-oriented experience stimulates circulation and increases metabolism
to reduce cellulite.

50 minutes | $100

Spa Onsen Restoration

A unique combination of Deep Sea Algae, Sedona, French Red, Dead Sea and Chamomile
Clay muds are liberally massaged onto the body. A blanket envelopes you as the nutrients
and antioxidants work on the skin to detoxify, hydrate and heal. Upon removal of the clays,
you’re immersed in a serene Japanese Onsen Tub to let stress and pain float away. A Murad
Signature Massage completes your restoration.

110 minutes | $195

Onsean Soak (may be added on to any service)

Onsen Soak at the Murad Day Spa

Soak away stress and tension in our
Japanese Onsen Tub as you sip herbal
tea. The warm, healing water will soothe
your soul and is the perfect addition to
any of our body treatments.

25 minutes | $40

Sensual Escape Body Treatment

Our Sensual Escape Body Treatment will take you on a journey unlike anything you’ve ever
experienced. Begin by soaking away your worries in our Japanese Onsen Tub, while
soothing aromatic salts revive your tired, dull skin. Next, relax as your therapist massages
you with a decadent, invigorating scrub to uncover radiant, smooth skin. Follow up with a
head-to-toe body mask for supreme hydration. Finally, drift away in a gentle trance of
pleasure with a relaxing focus massage.

110 minutes | $225