Massage Services and Day Spa Services from Murad
Getting a massage is more than just a great way to unwind.
Scientific studies continue to reveal that the healing power of touch increases
cellular water content, boosts the immune system, improves sleep patterns,
reduces stress and lifts the spirit. Choose from a variety of massage styles, all
designed to deliver ultimate relaxation and maximum results. Begin your Los Angeles
spa massage journey in Manhattan Beach with Murad.

Murad Signature Manhattan Beach Massage

Signature Massage Service

Achieve deep relaxation for body and mind. Our highly skilled therapist custom tailors
your experience and applies pressure to muscles using long, smooth strokes to reduce
tension, soothe sore muscles and improve circulation.

25 minutes | $65
50 minutes | $90
80 minutes | $135

Sports/Deep Tissue Massage

Our most popular massage relieves sore, stiff muscles or chronic pain by targeting
buried tension and knots. Our experienced therapist will realign deeper layers of
muscles and connective tissue with deep pressure and slow movements thoughtfully
applied in concentrated areas. Massage pressure can be adjusted according to
individual preference.

50 minutes | $105
80 minutes | $170


Enhance your massage with the therapeutic benefits of gentle heat flowing from
natural Basalt stones into the fibers of tense muscles to unlock stress and take
you to a deeper state of relaxation.

$20 upgrade to any massage (except prenatal)
25 min | $80
50 min | $110
80 min | $155

Nurture mother and child in the most relaxing way possible. Available after your first
trimester, this comforting massage safely relieves back and hip pain, headaches and
swollen limbs, while it provides emotional support and vital, healing touch.

50 minutes | $95
80 minutes | $145

Foot Massage in Manhattan Beach

Complete Manhattan Beach Massage Services

Reflexology stimulates nerves in the feet that
correspond to the health of systems and organs in
the body. Beneficial by itself or as an add-on to
any of our other massages, reflexology induces an
intense state of relaxation, reduces stress, boosts
the immune system, increases circulation and
removes toxins.

25 minutes | $65