A New Standard Has Been Set  for Allied Health Professionals:  Let Us Help You Meet It

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Welcome to the First University Exclusively Dedicated  to Inclusive Health Education for Spa, Wellness and  Alternative Health Professionals


The University for Inclusive Health (UIH) was founded to provide allied health professionals with advanced tools to serve clients who have been affected by the impact of Cultural Stress®—the most pervasive challenge of modern logged-on living. With courses based upon Dr. Howard Murad’s vision of better living through the complete integration of the realms of health, beauty and wellness care, UIH offers post-graduate programs for professionals who wish to break through the artificial divide that has long separated these three fields. This new generation of professional will be armed with new theories of care, new ways of looking at care delivery systems and new business models that will enable them to meet the demands of a new generation of sophisticated consumers. The UIH curriculum is based upon Dr. Murad’s unique and revolutionary Inclusive approach to health and esthetics—an approach that looks at the body as an integrated system that can be transformed by building health at the cellular level.


Graduates from UIH programs gain unmatched insights into the subject matters they explore—
insights that provide them with a competitive advantage in their fields of practice and distinguish them as part of one of the most important movements in the history of health and esthetics.

Just as Inclusive Health allows us to help every system in the body to perform at its peak, an Inclusive Health education gives people in the healing arts the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills they need to achieve the highest goals of their professions.

Aeterna Doctrina

– Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD