Inclusive Health Programs: Wellness, Anti-Aging and Transformation

Every Inclusive Health program begins with a wellness assessment unlike any other. Conducted by an Inclusive Health Practitioner who has been trained at the University for Inclusive Health, this initial consultation is designed to assess the key markers of health.

During this assessment, we’ll compare your Inclusive Health metrics with thousands of others so we can see how your health measures up to other people your age and provide you with an overall Murad Inclusive Health Index value — or MIHI® (“my high”).

Using the findings of this assessment, we’ll create a personalized 12-week Inclusive Prescription for Health designed to optimize your wellness from the cellular level up to help restore your youthful vitality and natural beauty. Your personal prescription will include recommendations to help you Look Better through targeted topical home care and professional skin care services, Live Better through focused nutrition and supplements and Feel Better through self-care focused strategies for reducing stress.

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